Sweater Weather – Fair Isle Knits

With a winter lockdown looming, cosy comforts are on my mind. I’ve always loved the timeless and traditional look of a fair isle jumper – there’s something reliable and nostalgic about the classic pattern, making them my top pick for the wardrobe this winter when we are all in need of a sweater hug.

The island of Fair Isle, where this distinctive style of knitwear originated, is one of the most remote Scottish islands with a population of only 65. I imagine the people of Fair Isle are a hardy self-sufficient bunch for whom lockdown would be barely noticeable. So if you fancy adopting the style of a stoic Fair Islander, then here are some of my favourite knits for all budgets.

Troy x Brora
The Croft House
White Stuff
The Croft House
Johnstons of Elgin

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